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Dominick Cruz Study Part 1: Footwork, Stanc...

Oct 25, 20147 Comments

  UPDATE: Back Up Videos on my Dailymotion Channel Here & on my FB Page Here Many are accustomed to the “jab/kick/something shoot for takedown”

Positional Studies: The Japanese Necktie (w...

Oct 21, 20142 Comments

The Japanese Necktie Looks Pretty Good I personally am not an advocate of move chasing but I do think selectively adopting moves is always a


Keenan Cornelius Guard Study: The Worm Guar...

May 29, 20148 Comments

Be Afraid. BJJ has mutated again. I’ll keep this short. This is simply so effective that I’m tempted to just conclude that the only way


Murilo Santana Passing Studies: Stack Setup...

May 22, 201414 Comments

Murilo Santana is an Underrated Passer Like Leandro Lo (before he became the greatest thing since sliced bread), Murilo Santana is another one of BJJ’s

Michelle Nicolini Guard Study Part 2: Shin/...

Nov 06, 20133 Comments

Tactics over Techs One small pet peeve I have is the obsession over new moves. I’m not big into the philosophy that the key to

Michelle Nicolini Guard Study Part 1: Shin-...

Oct 30, 201322 Comments

Michelle Nicolini is both a Stand Out Competitor and Innovator in BJJ Michelle Nicolini is a 7x Mundials Black Belt Champion (including 2013) and also

Rodolfo Vieira Guard Passing Study 3: Weave...

Sep 25, 20135 Comments

Smashing can be a war of attrition and an almost all or nothing endeavour. Dogfighting/Smashing to close off all the space on the crossface side

Rodolfo Vieira Guard Passing Study 2: Weave...

Sep 21, 20132 Comments

  What is a Weave? In a nutshell, a weave is when you “mount” a guarder’s legs when he has been put on his side

Global Roundup 1

BJJ Scout’s Global Report #1

Aug 21, 201310 Comments

Another Series in Born So I’ve been thinking about where to take this and ended up making another video … hah. The support and encouragement

Positional Studies: Crossface Counters (Rod...

Aug 18, 20137 Comments

What exactly started all this “Modern BJJ” jazz anyway? Somewhere along the line, BJJ went from “fundamental” attacker/defender dynamics to two “defenders” playing guard. It’s

Rodolfo Vieira Guard Passing Study 1: Press...

Aug 18, 20134 Comments

Rodolfo’s Passing is a hybrid of two Philosophies Rodolfo makes an excellent subject in guard passing because of his versatility. Lighter weights often display more

Ronda Rousey Takedown Study: Judo in MMA

Jul 27, 201326 Comments

Ronda Rousey is an Elite Judoka Being the first woman from the US to ever medal at the Olympics is no small feat. Even as

Rodolfo Vieira Takedown Study Part 2: Grip ...

Jul 21, 20137 Comments

Judo tactics are closer to striking than BJJ At least in terms of the stand up portion, which is why it’s not common to see

Rodolfo Vieira Takedown Study Part 1: A Stu...

Jul 07, 201321 Comments

Rodolfo Vieira is an elite blackbelt competing in the pesado division. Coming up slightly earlier than Leandro Lo, he is also a BJJ sensation, with

Leandro Lo Guard Study Part 2: Primary Swee...

Jun 14, 20137 Comments

In this article we look at the second sweep which makes Lo’s sweep game so dangerous and we list out his responses to opponents who

Leandro Lo’s 2013 Worlds Campaign Bre...

Jun 03, 20137 Comments

2-time World Champion! Leandro Lo has done it again and cements his position as the top lightweight in the world today. The field performed as

Leandro Lo Guard Study Part 1: DLR/Spider H...

May 25, 201312 Comments

In part one of a study of Lo’s guard, we look at his unique guard strategy. Lo again modifies the “conventional” with his guard play

Scouting Leandro Lo

May 17, 201313 Comments

And finally we arrive at the reason I started this website in the first place. Why “Scout”? Well, besides being the name of my favorite

Leandro Lo’s DLR Guard Counters

May 08, 201314 Comments

Now that we know what Lo’s passes are, let’s now look at how he sets them up. Just like catching, throwing and tackling are techniques

Leandro Lo’s Toreando Pass Study

May 05, 201310 Comments

This article on Leandro Lo’s unique toreando pass covers the reason I started watching Leandro’s passing game in the first place. Leandro Lo makes toreando/bullfighter

Leandro Lo Knee Slide Study Part 2: Face Cr...

May 05, 20135 Comments

In this installment we continue looking at Leandro Lo’s modified knee slide pass. As covered in Part 1, Leandro’s use of an active posting hand

Leandro Lo Knee Slide Study Part 1: Active ...

May 04, 20139 Comments

Leandro Lo Pereira do Nascimento is an elite black belt competitor dominating the lightweight division in men’s BJJ. A relative new comer, the phenom burst