Leandro Lo v Clark Gracie Copa Podio 2013 Match Breakdown

Copa Podio Champion again! Three times in a row is no easy feat and Leandro makes it look easier every year. Amazingly despite so many of his matches being publicly available, no one has been able to effectively scout him and shut his game down.

Here’s a quick match breakdown of his match with Clark where his full passing arsenal was on display: active posting, step and push toreando, step overs, face cranks, Lo drags and hail marys. Clark adopted a “hunt for a sub/omaplata off my back strategy” (whether by choice or otherwise) and suffered the same fate as many others who have chosen to stay on their back vs Lo, get toreando-ed till you gas out or grinded out under a knee slide, or both. Clark this time unfortunately couldn’t win a single scramble or score a point, but I’m sure he’ll be back stronger . Lo is simply a machine, cycling through his passing moves till he breaks you down.

Congrats to Leandro Lo and all his fellow competitors. Competing on a platform like Copa Podio is an amazing achievement in itself that most can only dream about.

Here is a video breaking down the match and pointing out Lo’s signature moves in action. Enjoy.

(Woops the original one is gone..but a kind reader told me it’s here http://vimeo.com/65777869)

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