I’ve started a Patreon Page

Jun 25, 2017No Comments So I finally decided to start one of these things .Youtube ad rev has nose dived and I constantly feel under seige when I

When a Community is Silent

Mar 02, 20173 Comments

So apparently a day ago an “MMA” coach was sentenced to 4 years in prison for sexually assaulting 2 teenage girls. In summary:  Three charges for sexually


ADCC Post Mortem – Expectations vs Re...

Aug 31, 20152 Comments

What I learnt: – I’m grateful for wrestling rules – no pushout points, no fleeing penalties and the requirement that you be taken down to


#Jack is here

Dec 31, 2014No Comments

Part 1 of my 2015 Plan is here Happy New Year! I have been tied up the last month working on some projects for the

Garry Tonon vs Zak Maxwell

Metamoris 5 Review

Nov 23, 20144 Comments

Some Quick Thoughts on Tonight’s Card Garry Tonon vs Zak Maxwell (Tonon def. Maxwell via Heelhook) Garry did what Garry does, no surprises. Zak did

BJJ Scout Metamoris Giveaway

Win a BJJ Scout Patch by Rating the Metamor...

Nov 23, 2014No Comments

10 BJJ Scout Patches Up for Grabs – Rate! What did you think of the matches? Good bad? Rate and let me know!


Interview: Leandro Speaks about his Matches...

Nov 22, 2014No Comments

Leandro Finally Speaks to BJJ Scout! I have been thinking about starting a new series/channel where I reach out to competitors to get their thoughts


Metamoris 5/Copa Podio Predictions

Nov 19, 20141 Comment

Some Quick Thoughts on the Matchups this Weekend Phew. Lucky I waited a few days. Now that Kevin Casey is out that’s one less match

Update: Scouting a Scout, Crucifix Instruct...

Nov 11, 20142 Comments

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been thinking a lot about the future of the site/channel and sometimes I tend to get tunnel

BJJ Scout is now on Instagram!

Feb 26, 2014No Comments

I break down a bunch of random stuff as I go about my studies and finally I have found a place to put them! Do

6 Months Old!

Nov 09, 20133 Comments

It’s really hard for me to believe how far the channel/site has come since May. More than 8000 youtube subs and 6000 FB likes seems

ADCC Day 2 Review

Oct 20, 20131 Comment

Favourites Win but some Upsets too Day 2 of ADCC in China drew roughly the same crowd as yesterday and like the day before, the

ADCC Day 1 Review

Oct 19, 20135 Comments

Great Event so Far, but so far away… Some really great moments on the mats today. The chinese crowd despite not being very BJJ aware

ADCC this Weekend!

Oct 18, 2013No Comments

No videos recently but hopefully this makes up for it! Do follow at to get live updates as ADCC China unfolds! BJJ Scout will

Get Your BJJ Scout Fan Wear!

Sep 14, 20132 Comments

  Dear all, I have set up some stores for you to get some BJJ Scout Tshirts/caps/etc at. Do check them out at: (for

Tell us what you think so far and what woul...

Jun 16, 201329 Comments

Hi, I was creating several polls all over the place to get an idea on the audience and thought it was easier to just put