Saddle Investigations – Users Submit Saddle Submissions

Nothing embodies “BJJ for the people, by the people” more than when readers/viewers get involved in these mini-studies!

Check out some recent contributions in response to my Saddle studies here and here.

First up, Randall sent in this Leg Lace done by Davi Ramos during the 2011 no-gi Pans.

(*note the IBJJF became more “clear” as to what is a DQ/reap after 2011 – so things were really gray back then)

Next Dave Binder volunteered his own saddle entry from a passer trying to Weave on him. A good option for those of you that always get stuck with your legs smashed!

Now, though not really IBJJF rules, but it’s in the gi so it still counts sorta. Felipe Rocha sent in his F2Wpro match here he got a Leg Lace sub recently.

For those of you paranoid about cranking legs, here’s a sweep off the Saddle submitted by Dom Bell.

Before I go, another viewer submission showing how confusing/inconsistent the rules have been, even within the match. Here we see the ref penalize the player (who is this skinny light weight guy??!!) for merely inserting his leg across the hip, but later on allows a full on saddle insertion. Food for thought.

Finally Craig Jones tagged me in IG with his response to these Saddle videos. Apparently feeling he’s feeling salty he got DQ-ed for a reap as a brown belt. After looking at all the evidence, I provide by professional opinion on what changes he needs to make going forward.

Few more weeks to go to ADCC Craig.




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