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  1. amazing stuff man
    very motivating …awesome contribution to the bjj community
    whats your background/where do you train?

    • Thanks! Just a BJJ fan like everyone else. I have a background in statistical arbitrage and econometrics.

  2. Very cool stuff. I’ve been doing this for myself for a while now. Examining competition matches and looking for commonalities in people’s games, observing what their doing and taking notes. I’ve never put it on a video like you’re doing though. Very well done!

  3. I’ve begun studying top players as well. Thanks for putting this together – you do a really nice job of breaking their games down.


  4. Suggestion: Ryan Halls Back takes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3kStk3Q7GU

    Your breakdowns are the best.And thank you for taking the time to share them with us.

  5. If you won’t say where you train, can you at least say whether you train or not? It would be very interesting if you figured all that out by observing, but I’m betting you do train…

    • Hey hi- sorry for the late reply just saw this (don’t always see the About page). Yes I do train… Would be pretty difficult to do this if I didn’t….

  6. BJJScout, I am living in Brazil right now for training at Gordo’s and living at Connection Rio. I had a Polish purple belt recommend using you videos for some spider guard work and I really enjoyed the video and have seen some since. Anyways just wanted to say thanks for breakdowns. They really help. I will be following the blog for sure.

  7. really amazing work. thanks for sharing this stuff. brilliant man!

  8. I’m a blue belt in BJJ here in Brazil, just found your videos and website today. It’s already taking an entire afternoon to see all the videos. Many thanks for sharing such a huge amount of knowledge with us. Can’t wait for the next videos, let me know if you need a hand!!!


    • thank you for your support! I am always looking for help!

  9. Invaluable!!!

  10. Incredible site! Looking forward to more breakdowns!

  11. This Site / FB / Twitter is one of my focal points for understanding higher level tactics and techniques, really appreciate your hard work and passion!

  12. hi great work! I have a suggestion for an analysis of it perks your interest: Bernardo Faria and his over-under pass.

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