Enter My 2018 IBJJF Worlds Bracket Contest!

Click on a title to go to the entry page for that division (you cannot pick from the brackets you see below)

Click on the winner for each match in the bracket, till you choose your champion!

Enter your nickname in “My Title” and enter your email. You will be notified if you win the bracket prediction. No sign up required.

**Top 5 emails with the most points (so it helps to pick up points in as many divisions as you can) win a BJJ Scout T-shirt and patch!

ps: Be an early joiner to my new BJJ Scout Discord Chat and watch the Worlds with me! https://discord.gg/NQtDggt

Open Weight Male (click to go to entry page)

Ultra-Heavy Weight Male (click to go to entry page)

Super-Heavy Weight MaleĀ (click to go to entry page)

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