Match Studies: Lucas Lepri vs Marcio Andre ACB JJ 10

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10 comments On Match Studies: Lucas Lepri vs Marcio Andre ACB JJ 10

  • Lepri hits morote seoinage here.

  • Lepri is controlling the pant leg of Andre. Notice he stays standing and doesn’t retreat to a combat base even though Marcio Andre is already so deep under him. He knows that that as long as he can stop the second leg from digging in an elevator, his base is not in danger of a sweep. This is a variant of controlling the DLR post that Lo does, to achieve the same end

  • Lepri jumps over and still doesn’t get swept. As long as the components of the technical stand up are not properly in place , ie elbow on the floor, the guarder can’t finish a sweep strongly.

  • X-pass by Lepri here from his signature Head quarters position. Squatting lets you level change fast

  • This is a key response you must do against an inverter. The moment the hips come off the floor, take that opportunity to stack. Do not let the hips return to the mat. Keep pushing in. Now try to pin a leg and go for the back or leg drag

  • Look at Lepri’s stack choice. He makes sure your hips can’t go down once you raised them, and he picks a side to pin a leg

  • Look at how the pass sequence goes.
    1) At first Lepri had double unders in the stack
    2) He chose a side and pinned a leg
    3) The grip on the side of the pinned leg switched to a collar grip (no more “under”)
    4) As you kick out of that pin, Lepri launches into a knee slide

  • Heavy kneeslide pressure forces you to invert, again Lepri is looking to pin a leg and for a path to the back

  • Collar drag to a knee pick by Lepri for the takedown

  • In the chair sit position with the shin to the spine. No way for Andre to put his back to the mat to try escape, matter of time till the collar choke happens

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