Match Notes: Romulo Baral vs Arlando Maidana ACB JJ 10

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9 comments On Match Notes: Romulo Baral vs Arlando Maidana ACB JJ 10

  • A lot of times marginal sweeps fail because you don’t manage to finish a technical stand up before your opponent. Romulo gets his elbow to the floor first and gets up the moment you knock him over. Sweepers need to time their own technical stand up in order to win marginal battles like this

  • This time Maidana has the elbow contact and not Romulo, he stands up first.

  • Here Romulo’s recovery choice is good. When the passer has stepped aside, he looks to stiff arm the back of the elbow so that the passer cannot consolidate the pass with a crossface. This buys him time to recompose his guard

  • This double foot sweep to the groin/inner thighs is a Romulo signature move. When you do the lumber jack, you will not always be able to knock them backwards. They might even be smart enough to post forward and wait for your sweep attempt to be over. By using both sweep on the both, Romulo can keep on sweep in many directions, thus frustrating your posting. This was in Adam Wardzinski Part 2

  • Here Romulo has the crossface and will use it to feed the collar to his other hand so that he can do a face crank knee slide

  • A lot of times, simply standing up and stiff arming the body is a good way to frustrate the half guarder.

  • See how Romulo used the body posting against a very determined half guarder to re-configure his legs into a knee slide position and to create space to allow him to post his head against your jaw. Now a very strong passing position is achieved.

  • Finally when the hips are flattened there is no escape from the cross choke. See my Lo Face Crank study to see how he finishes his variation as well.

  • **By using both feet on the thighs”

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