Match Notes: Mahamed Ali vs Marcus Buchecha ACB JJ 10

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15 comments On Match Notes: Mahamed Ali vs Marcus Buchecha ACB JJ 10

  • Cross Grip (where you hold the opposite side lapel of your opponent) is such a defensive/stalling grip in judo it is banned for more than 5 secs (for good reason). Buchecha waits for Ali to give it up before going for the leg. Without the cross grip, Ali can’t frame to stop Buechea from making chest contact.

  • Ali almost hits a John Wayne Sweep here

  • Because judo technical skill level is low in BJJ, it is almost always a good idea to go for a body lock if you can get close enough, especially when someone is throwing you. If you can link hands you can start going for a polish/step around/lateral. vs Someone who knows how to follow up a minor throw (ouchi/kouchi) with uchimata, it can be dangerous linking arms and then splitting your base to try throw

  • Look at Ali’s choice for grip before he bridges (trying to go behind the elbow). Even when under pressure you want to try to think one step when u escape, he takes that frame to try frustrate a crossface if he manages to wriggle free

  • Note: Against collar-sleeve X-pass to the other side of the collar sleep grip is a very effective pass. Here Ali chooses to pass right into danger on the opposite side.

  • Ali hung on to cross collar for more than 3 mins and Buchecha has no answer. This is such a “cheat move” in judo , I can’t recommend it enough for BJJ.

  • Buchecha uses a smash position to windshield wiper around the legs. My Jan 2018 Q&A talks about this in depth

  • Look at Buchecha’s passing choice. Ali does Collar Sleeve on him, Buchecha seizes the moment to X-pass to the weak side where there are no grips. The direct opposite of what Ali chose earlier when he got stuck in the Omoplata

  • Again notice with cross collar, Ali with one hand is controlling the gap between both of them. This other hand is free to grab a sleeve and he is in throwing position. Buchecha has a double collar grip (using it to frame against each of Ali’s shoulders) and is not in throwing position.

  • Always try to punish shrimping/lasso as the passer. Here Buchecha uses it to weave and smash.

  • Punch a weave=> smash the legs (straddle them)=> find a cross face =>and then step over.

  • No active posting and clinging on. Get swept

  • This was quite clever though it failed. Vs an inverter, i am in favor of this response almost automatically. Pin a leg and go for the back by either jumping or through a leg drag. Miyaos/Mendes/Keenan etc all use this approach.

  • Buchecha again covers the hips with a weave and passes

  • When Ali shrimped when Buchecha was in side control. Buchecha again covered the hips with a smash position, straddling the legs. See my Jan 2018 Q&A

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