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So I finally decided to start one of these things .Youtube ad rev has nose dived and I constantly feel under seige when I put out a video. Like I’m just waiting to get guillotined with a copyright strike any moment for doing a well intention-ed act .

But really though, starting this is also a decision to really see how much longer to keep this up for. My original motivations for starting my channel had very little to do with the “love of martial arts technique”. So as time has passed and those motivations have petered down, I am left wondering what is this “product” I make good for. I could previously rationalize to myself that they sent an important message I wanted to convey that money couldn’t buy. Yet on the other hand, I also see from the kind words of encouragement from the community that they also have a value beyond what I originally saw in them.

My mission is still “BJJ for the people, by the people” and my efforts to make BJJ something beyond the holy gospel of a select few will continue one way or the other (through rollflow.com for starters). The amounts I raise through this will still continue to be deployed to that effort, as was my previous ad-rev on youtube. Like minded BJJ folk, please do get in touch (esp fellow scouters, mobile/web app and data science types!).

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