When a Community is Silent

So apparently a day ago an “MMA” coach was sentenced to 4 years in prison for sexually assaulting 2 teenage girls. In summary:

  •  Three charges for sexually assaulting the girls
  •  Five charges for making and possessing obscene films
  •  One charge for showing an obscene film to a six-year-old girl
  • Officers who raided his apartment found 5,902 obscene films, of which 321 videos featured children between the ages of two and 16

Apparently he was a BJJ youtuber to boot.

This isn’t a new story, but it is a tiring one to hear over and over again. On the plus side, the media has largely avoided labeling this as another “BJJ Scumbag” story (arguably he was as much a catch/sambo guy as he was a BJJ one) but some things about the BJJ community’s reaction to this does bother me somewhat.


1) He was sentenced on March 2 and yet social media shows up giving a seminar in Dec 2016 at one gym and training at another gym up till a day before he was sentenced on March 2. I think he was also an instructor at another one. Why have these gyms not made any statements as to why they allowed this? Was it because they had no idea he was undergoing a criminal proceeding?

2) Have any of the students of the above gyms taken these gym owners to task?

3) In his mitigation plea (he pleaded guilty), 10 testimonials were written by Robinson’s family and friends, including his mother and girlfriend. Do any of these “good character” referees include any of the gym owners? If so, why are they silent now, especially if they condoned his continued presence in their gyms?

4) “Robinson’s lawyer, Mr Mervyn Tan, said his client’s life “is totally devastated by this incident” and he is “deeply remorseful”.

Has he truly shown remorse? His social media was active and full of posts like these even up till the day before his sentence (2 March).













Only after his sentence was made public have his accounts have been hastily made private hours later. Am I missing something here, how is that the behavior of a remorseful person? Conveniently his youtube channel is still up, guess he thought he would do the community a favor as a final gesture of goodwill.

He’s only put away for four years and memories are short. Does he go back to his old lifestyle, quietly welcomed by the same arms that have had his back for the last year while he was awaiting sentencing. Note his guilt was not in question, he plead guilty, he didn’t claim trial.

Joshua Robinson’s crimes had nothing to do with BJJ.  But the actions by the community in terms of policing itself, especially if the justice system might have fallen sort,  speak volumes about how it grows from setbacks like these.


Ps: Some of the gyms I’ve mentioned I recognize as some of my “followers”. Unless you think I’m overreacting (feel free to enlighten me), please do me a favor and click unfollow. 

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4 comments On When a Community is Silent

  • The more we bring these to light the more the community will have to enforce a code of conduct. Bring all dirt bags into the light.

  • Frustrated Jungle Man

    I used to train in one of the gyms, I met this guy and sparred with him a couple times.
    The fucked up thing is, when the showed the video to that child he was on bail and the evidence against him was overwhelming. The gym had a goddamn kids class, yet he was still allowed to show up? Some of the videos in his channel were shot in that same place, some were quite recent. So messed up.

    Anyway, great site, awesome videos, I’m checking out the mindmaps site and that seems to be a great learning tool, thanks for that!

  • Put him in a shark tank imo.

  • Man what a creep .. , this article is enlightening . Yeah as a community this is something we have to make a stand against. As bjj becomes more mainstream we need to keep an eye out of these types of people who would use this power for the dark side.

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