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When did this term “Modern Jiujitsu” emerge? As far as I can tell, this was something that sprang up about 4-5 years back and was associated with the Mender Brothers. Back then, I recall a lot of mystique around the berimbolo and leg drag. In those early days, the only training site was Marcelo Garcia’s and the interwebs was scant with information with  sporadic videos surfacing to try make sense of “modern BJJ”,

In particular the “leg drag” was pretty much the “poster boy” of “modern passing” and it was even being called the “TT-pass” by the Mendes Bros when they were playing early permutations of the leg drag in early videos. TT of course being a reference to Terere. The thing is, “TT Pass” was more a reference to the leg weave, with what we now know as the “leg drag” being the logical follow up move off the weave. This mix between drag/weave only added to the confusion back then imo.  Thankfully, with training sites, youtube etc, the mystery is pretty much over.

Anyways, this isn’t a post on the drag/weave itself, so much to shine some light on the godfather of “modern BJJ”, Fernando “Terere” Augusto”. Some quick google research should reveal many videos and articles on his unique life story and his contributions to BJJ. Personally, in my foray into “modern bjj” when it emerged, I often would try to study Terere footage in an attempt to glean some useful sliver of information on weaves/drags.

Terere has been forgotten in the minds of many, so I thought a video to remind the community of how he shaped “modern” BJJ would be interesting. A lot of the key passes you see now ie X-pass, drags, weaves, smashes were key innovations by Terere that many elite BJJ competitors have since extrapolated upon. Beyond that though, the idea of using movement to re-flatten the hips and control of the shrimping leg were key “concepts” Terere emphasized. In turn, movement based “modern” passing builds on these concepts as well.

A video says a 100o words, so do watch and enjoy.

ps: To find out more about Terere’s Social Project and how you can contribute, please do visit his website.

pps: I had a version of this with interviews from many of his old students and friends like Andre Galvao, Ricardo Vieira (who took over Terere’s social project in Rio) and Finfou. That got flagged by Youtube, so a new version will be up soon.


Personally I have had my own thoughts as to the viability of the leg drag vs the choice to use a toreando -ie  assuming you can get to the side, is it better to drag the leg across your thigh or try to push / run down your opponent ,ie Leandro Lo’s Step and Push Toreando? That’s a discussion for another day though

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  • A beautify ode to a true ‘modern’ pioneer. I love seeing how the individual techniques fit into the oft-overlooked overarching strategy. Much food for thought. Thanks BJJ scout!

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