Dominick Cruz v Cody Garbrandt UFC 207 Studies

I’ve personally been fascinated with the study of footwork for a while, especially the interplay between¬†centerline/plane exposure in MMA. These 2 components of MMA, striking and takedowns, are normally studied in isolation with some cursory link drawn between the 2. Nonetheless a link does exist conceptually.

“Weak/Strong plane” awareness (in takedowns) and the “centerline” (in striking) are different sides of the same coin. Having (T-position) could be good for one area (striking) but a weakness in another (takedowns). While I have alluded to this is link in several of my videos, hopefully I will make a full study explicitly linking the two one day.

My recent post fight study between Dominick Cruz and Cody Garbrandt highlights the tension between the centerline and the weak plane. Yes it’s mainly on “normal” footwork, but do keep this tension between centerline/weak plane in the back of your head when you watch¬†the study. Enjoy.

These were my pre-fight thoughts:

My video explaining the concept of weak/strong planes for takedowns (btw I think I coined this usage? I can’t think of any video/book using this concept before me. Please do feel free to correct me!)




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