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Terere Cover

Terere Guard Passing Study

Feb 17, 20171 Comment

When did this term “Modern Jiujitsu” emerge? As far as I can tell, this was something that sprang up about 4-5 years back and was

BJ Penn Study

BJ Penn Guard Passing Study

Feb 14, 2017No Comments

Move identification is not the same as pattern identification. On the surface Damien Maia and BJ Penn both use the exact same passes, (1) mount


Dominick Cruz v Cody Garbrandt UFC 207 Stud...

Feb 06, 2017No Comments

I’ve personally been fascinated with the study of footwork for a while, especially the interplay between¬†centerline/plane exposure in MMA. These 2 components of MMA, striking


Ronda Rousey v Amanda Nunes UFC 207 Preview

Feb 05, 2017No Comments

My thoughts on the match up before UFC 207. And yet again…another one where my preview was several times longer than the actual fight. When