Demian Maia Study Playlist (Updated)

I’m back to making vids after a hiatus. Maia has some unique things going on and I’ll write up a bit on my thoughts later. But just note for now, Maia changed his techs some time during his move to middle weight and in these videos I highlight what he does “new”.

I might make a video comparing the past and the present just to show you how I go about doing bjj/mma video analysis (I’m more into strategy/tactics rather than ad hoc “move spotting”). The upshot is , identifying/pointing out Lo’s kneeslide or Cruz’s “uppercut”/”kicks” is one thing, but extracting the essence of their in-fight “thought process”/”fight IQ” is the ultimate goal for me personally when I study someone. Likewise for Maia, his evolution strategically to beat the most common guard set in MMA is a ingenious application of “fight IQ” in the grappling context of MMA. Enjoy.


** I updated this post with the remaining 3 parts of the series, including a snippet on Eddie Bravo on Maia’s BJJ (which includes sidenotes on my thought process in making the series), and put it all into a playlist.

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