Positional Studies: The Japanese Necktie (w/ Richie Martinez)

Tonon bogeyman study shorter

The Japanese Necktie Looks Pretty Good

I personally am not an advocate of move chasing but I do think selectively adopting moves is always a good thing if it enhances your strategy. Imo it makes no sense to learn butterfly guard unless you do closed/half, but adding moves to the terminal points of your personal BJJ skill tree or as an “in between” move in a skill tree branch makes sense.

I will let the video do the talking but in short Japanese Neckties are good as an outright move to surprise the half guarder. More importantly they function as a “connector” between the Brabo and Guillotine, making your scrambling more efficient by minimizing your own positional shifts while keeping attacking pressure during a scramble.

The Martinez brothers, Geo and Richie, are relatively new to the grappling scene but are getting some good exposure through the EBI. They are still relatively new and┬áhave “holes” that need to be worked on before they can take on the elites but they already have exciting styles to watch and carry the 10th planet flag well. Hopefully we get to see more of them in the big shows soon. Enjoy the video.


PS: Some Tutorials on the Necktie

My focus tends to be on “strategy” rather than move mechanics so I glossed over the details on the Japanese Necktie in my video. You can see some good instructionals here:


Garry Tonon v Richie Martinez at the 170lbs EBI 1 Finals

Sometimes all it takes is one mistake, Garry was given the opportunity to get his deep half, which in itself is worth of a study (he transitions to leg reaps, trucks and half octopus guard, all very non-typical deep half play). Leg locks aren’t really part of the 10th planet system yet and Richie wasn’t savvy enough to engage in the leg lock battle, tapping quickly once the first reap got in. IMO I think Eddie Bravo will add a leg lock system to his guard systems eventually as a logical evolution/extension. The chain of closed guard to leg lock makes a lot of sense in MMA and most of the successful grapplers are using this transition rather than going to open guard systems from closed (watch Marcin Held, Palahares etc)



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2 comments On Positional Studies: The Japanese Necktie (w/ Richie Martinez)

  • Love ur site and this is a Great video, however i disagree with the chain idea in application. the D’arce (brabo) is preformed when the opponent is on their side or more turtled (if u fall to ur side) u want the relationship of the side of their body to the flat front face of ur body (and then the angle changes a bit of u fall to the side to finish). In fact them going to their back often kills the Darce and forces a reverse armtriangle. The connection between these moves, and u can see it with Geo alternating between the two, is if the person is trying to prevent u from stuffing their head (are postured or extended away) to get ur arm in deep to darce and u are stuck with just the gabble grip, or if they are Too far underneath you and shooting ur arm in deep feels like its going to get u swept. That’s when diving over for the necktie compliments the d’arce. if they hang out in that sweet spot where u can get ur arms locked up then they get darced, if they posture back or dive under then the necktie is there. if they go to their back then they are giving up the position of being on their side in half guard (usually the desired position) and get cross faced, if they turtle without a solidified underhook (having that gable grip kills a deep underhook) then the knee cut to top turtle, (adv) and strong position to continue to attack the neck, dump them over, or take the back is all accessible. U see Tonon going to his back to defend the Neck tie and darce is not available as he is so deep/low on richie, but richie is not able to establish a cross face, and then when the grip breaks free he now has no crossface Or underhook and Tonon goes to half far octopuss.

    This is just my opinion but have played heavily with this positions and chokes from both top and bottom and that is what i have found. The position on the darce does change a bit depeding if u are using a deep or shallow darce

    Anyways, Awesome video keep up the great work on ur site and with your videos. look forward to watching them everytime.

  • Great video as always dude. I was listening to Eddie Bravos podcast and apparently Geo and Richie are both break dancers/b-boys I guess that is where they both get their freaky body strength from.

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