GSP v Johny Hendricks Takedown Study Part 1

So I decided to lay half of my (tiny) pot on GSP 2 weekends ago. I figured that GSP had better BJJ, striking and takedown finesse and this was going to be another over hyped main event to get those ppv numbers up. The market also moved closer to the fight (GSP +140 to +136) right at the eve, telling you the sentiment going in. Knowing my luck ( I also put some coin down on a Pacman knockout, yeah right), I ended up shitting bricks for 25 mins watching the mauling that went on instead. You can imagine my relief when the decision was read.

In any case, I decided to take a closer look at the fight since it appears Hendricks had a really good game plan going in. Most people peg him as a heavy handed brawler but he seems to have made some adjustments and employed some strategies not seen before in previous fights. Part of me wonders if GSP is still carrying around lingering effects from his ACL surgery because he seems to have really lost a lot of power and mid-takedown direction changing ability. He’s a left footed wrestler so his right leg (the repaired one) is needed for a lot of the driving and rotation during wrestling and he just seemed to lack a lot of confidence to really dig in and push off on that leg during key scrambles he needed to (and typically does) win. Either that or Hendricks is a physical beast/just that good. Maybe both, who knows. In any case, it was an amazing fight.

I’ll write more about the fight in detail when Part 2 of the video is out. Here’s the first part for now. Check it out.

Dailymotion Backup Here:

ps: I use some wrestling terms like “run the pipe”, “high crotch” etc because I assume prior knowledge, do search youtube for some examples

pps: During my absence, in between laying low, dodging mobs and recovering mentally from my near GSP/Hendricks betting mishap, over the last few weeks I have been trying to re-vamp the site to bring to another level in 2014. Do bear with me and keep checking back for updates. Thanks a lot!

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