6 Months Old!

It’s really hard for me to believe how far the channel/site has come since May. More than 8000 youtube subs and 6000 FB likes seems tiny compared to a channel/website on kittens but I’m still blown away. I am grateful to each and everyone of you out there that has taken the time out of your day to watch a video or read a study. Also many of you have taken the time to spread the word(or link), sent me kind messages and offered help in various ways, which is so very much appreciated.

Quick story for the late joiners – I had some thoughts on how BJJ could be thought about differently but didn’t know anything about websites or video editing. I started this as an experiment, like a channel/site to share with my friends and made my first few rough videos. I was in the midst of uploading and creating the website in my snail like manner when someone out there posted one/two (?) of the videos on a forum or something and next thing you know, here we are.

That being said, I ultimately want BJJ Scout to be about more than just some smart ass’s ramblings on BJJ but also the community. You can’t “scout” without people getting out there on the mats everyday and showcasing BJJ’s beauty. Likewise, sharing that knowledge, even if not to help others improve but to appreciate, is something we all can do. Regardless of where you are on the learning curve.

To be honest I have been unsure if I was going to continue doing this but because of the amazing support of you guys, BJJ Scout is still alive and kicking. I will be looking to bring new things to the site/channel in the coming months, and hopefully the community (that means you out there) can get more involved. If any of your out there would like to help out (writing, videos, heck even just suggestions/ideas etc), please do drop me a message.

It feels weird to end this without a video….so I guess I won’t, sort of. Many of you have sent me links/videos on moves you have seen for the next Global Study but frankly I haven’t had the time to get round to the next one yet. Do keep sending cool vids in the meantime though. I am stitching something up from some of your submissions, just to give you an idea of what goes through my mind when I watch tape (a bunch of “connect the dots”/”off the move” stuff).  Something different this time just for fun (It’s a 6 month anniversary after all and every party needs games). This one’s a random that doesn’t qualify for a study, so I put it into the B-sides channel. So check that in a bit later today.

Thanks again everyone.

ThankYou-Multilingual (B&W)

*Edit: Here’s the vid


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3 comments On 6 Months Old!

  • Great job man

  • Love your site and breakdowns! Would love to see you breakdown Clark Gracie’s set ups, sweeps, transitions to, and finishes from/to the omoplata! He seems to attack the shoulder from all angles!

  • Ok you guys are awesome! I have been using the Lo Guard as it has become known at my school with amazing results! But I was just chilling the other day and happened to see a pretty sweetass back take! I am sure it wouldnt be hard to break it down but its still pretty sweet. here is the link http://youtu.be/0TpqX2tIBKM it happens at 2:34ish

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