Rodolfo Vieira Guard Passing Study 3: Weaves continued

Smashing can be a war of attrition and an almost all or nothing endeavor. Dogfighting/Smashing to close off all the space on the crossface side and stopping the shrimp/re-guard is paramount. There are other options for a frustrated smasher besides re-starting or trying immediately stand to pass toreando/drag though. You could “semi-retreat” from the smash to a leg weave while still continuing to apply pressure to the guarder. Rodolfo is excellent at going to this position during his smash pass attempts. He has a variety of ways to weave when someone tries to shrimp in and continuing from the previous entry, we will now look at leg weaves using the hand.

You can Weave with the Hand Too

Weaving with the hand is an elegant way to deal with the second step of a shrimp (1st – dig top knee in, 2nd – lower leg swings in). Unlike the normal weave/side smash (mounting the legs), with the hand weave, while you no longer have the ability to pin down the top knee trying to get inbetween, you can rise up on to your feet and start moving around. While this seems like a big loss of control, you need less “pressure” on the shrimping guarder because while he can now turn in, he can’t really do anything with it.

Rodolfo Vieira Weave Study 2 (*Rodolfo weaving/lacing the guarder’s legs, stopping the shrimp in)

Also called lacing/leg weaving, this technique is useful to a smasher that wants additional options to a very determined shrimping defence. Rather than fight the turn in, accept it and take advantage of the shrimping mechanics to weave the leg.¬† You can also punch for a leg weave off the half guard or when you already have the normal weave/side smash on (ie Weave Study Part 1). You now have mobility to react to the guarder’s movements and win scrambles. Or even return to a pressure pass.

This version of the weave gives the smasher the ability to get to his feet

One additional pass off the weave is the ability to “walk” on the crossface side to side control while applying chest/crossface pressure.

Rodolfo Vieira Weave Study 2 WALK(*You will often see Rodolfo rise to his toes to threaten to walk straight to side mount.)

Once caught with the weave, the guarder is left with some unattractive options:

(1) Keep trying to get the top knee in the shrimp/block the walk (get windshield wiper passed on the other side)

(2) Bail on the shrimp thus opening up the space for the passer’s knee (gives up the mount or side control)

(3) Try to turtle and roll (back taken)

(4) Do nothing (Rodolfo walks to side control)

Once again there are many nice instructionals online on weaves you can look for (Galvao, Lovato etc have some out there) so do try look for them.

Not much more to say, but we can see how one gains improved mobility by using the hands to get the leg weave. Now we are slowly working our way to seeing how Rodolfo makes the fluid transition from smashing to standing passes (drags/toreando). This progression from smash ->weave > drag/toreando  and the reverse, from standing passes -> weave -> smash will be looked at in the last part on weaves.

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