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Hi, I was creating several polls all over the place to get an idea on the audience and thought it was easier to just put them on one entry. So…

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29 comments On Tell us what you think so far and what would you like to see next. Vote! (new poll added)

  • I just wanted to say that finding out more on BJJ Scout and who (more importantly how he/she breaks things down and step by step procedure of how to scout people) is no joke. Better to teach us how to fish than give us a fish ^.^

  • andrew johnson

    I would request an exhaustive study on a player only after you have gone through different players’ innovative developments. This allows the student of your series to take the best from each player, rather than studying any given player’s total game which would likely include many things we already do.

  • I’d love to see a breakdown of the Miyao brothers’ game!

  • i would love to see a study on cobrinha or the miyao bros

  • I would like to see another study of a player, particularly one that has a great bottom game (esp. halfguard). Cobrinha or Ryan Hall!

  • Clark’s Omoplata game!!

  • Roger Gracie guard passing / Cobrinha’s Back take game / Marcelo garcia’s back take game

  • marcus almeida buchecha breakdown

  • Roger Gracie’s inevitable progression (pass, mount, choke) is pretty iconic, very consistent and is no doubt full of great technical information. I reckon that makes it a great choice.

    I’d also quite like to see a study on Caio Terra at some point. I really can’t figure out why Caio does so well. Hell, I can’t even figure out if he really has a game plan in most instances, or if he just keeps trying to tangle his opponents up until one of the millions of sweeps or subs he knows comes up.

  • good point – I will try to articulate the process at some stage

  • True, I personally would rather focus on the “ah hah!” aspects of a player’s game. I think most of my readers are more “advanced” belts and would appreciate that more.

  • cobrinha has a lot of DVDs out and the miyaos are examined to death already though. I might at later stage though, can’t say for sure yet frankly

  • cobrinha/marcelo have dvds out already though and roger gracie was broken down really well on youtube before so I really don’t have much to add I think

  • I might, I like a lot of Checkmat players’ games to be honest

  • Roger has already been covered in youtube quite well I think. Caio Terra would be interesting (he has DVDs out already though) and his game is so complex I think I would be stuck for months micro breaking it all down. I personally find his half guard to be one of the most innovative around, it is a specific game plan, it’s almost like he has “invented” his own variation (like the Lo guard). Look carefully at his shin/knee placement, it’s not “conventional”.

  • Thanks!!

  • I think your music poll needs an option for “All the music is fantastic and I’d like you to keep surprising me.” I’m a bit afraid to click the “no preference” option, lest you take it to mean we actually don’t care.

  • You’ve talked about how some of the suggested competitors have already been well explained by other videos. Can you make a section on your site where you keep a list of the videos you believe explain these competitors well. I’m sure I have missed a good deal of them.

  • Are you only interested in breaking down Gi BJJ? Will we see any No Gi breakdowns? I just watched your Rodolfo Vieira takedown video and it’s probably one of the best explanation videos I have ever watched. I can still take a lot from it as a no-gi player.

  • Sure, that’s a good idea actually. Let me look into that. I think in the mean time sites like Jiu Jitsu Lab do an amazing job. They profile many players/positions there, do check it out!

  • Yes I think I will do something on No-Gi possibly closer to ADCC though. If you have any suggestions on guys to look out for that would be great!

  • Cool. Dean Lister. Rafael, how his no-gi game differs.

  • Keenan Cornelius

  • I’d like to see some commentary and breakdown of fights between players. Cobrinha vs. Raphael’s last 3 fights together. Pros and cons of each player and dynamics of the fight and what style they bring in to the fight. A mini comprehensive breakdown between 2 bjj greats fighting each other would be really nice.

  • I like this idea, I was thinking about something like this. But after I studied 2 players and then you could see how they go at each other with their signature moves/strategies…so maybe at a later stage…

  • Love the videos man. Would be awesome if you did a Lucas Lepri breakdown

  • Any chance of a study of Cobrinha’s sit up guard. Simple in so many ways but so effective.

  • A lot of people are asking for studies of BJJ players whose games have been analyzed pretty thoroughly or have instructionals or tons of YouTube HLs. Part of what made the Lo breakdown so amazing was that we’ve all been watching and loving his game for a while, but nobody every really stopped to take a good look at it and explain what we were seeing.

    Another great example: the Copa Podio breakdown included the best breakdown of Calasans game that I’ve ever seen (and maybe the only one!). That is what makes BJJ Scout so unique and so valuable to me.

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