Leandro Lo Knee Slide Study Part 2: Face Crank

In this installment we continue looking at Leandro Lo’s modified knee slide pass. As covered in Part 1, Leandro’s use of an active posting hand (rather than a crossface/sleeve grab), allows him to maintain heavy pressure yet “float” over and do a modified step over pass.

The Face Crank

Now let’s look at Lo’s response to someone pummeling his underhook away or denying him the underhook completely. Lo employs a high cross collar grip with his underhooking hand and begins to crank at his opponent’s jaw with his forearm to make his opponent turn his face away. A quick instructional by the man himself below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCLfNk4H_P0&w=560&h=315]

Note that the main purpose of controlling an opponent’s shoulders via crossface/sleeve grab/head pin (ie Leandro Lo’s version) is to simply prevent an opponent from turning into the passer where he can begin to shrimp and recompose his guard. The face crank achieves the same ultimate purpose as one’s shoulders cannot turn in with the head going in the other direction. Once the opponent’s head is turned, Lo can work the half guard pass, either kicking out with his leg or passing directly if the opponent simply unguards from the pressure of the choke/crank.

Active Posting Hand Key To Success

A big key to Lo’s success with the face crank is Lo’s active posting hand stabilizing him as his opponent tries to buck him off. Once Lo has stepped over his opponent’s leg with his knee heavy on the opponent’s stomach/chest  (see 0:58 of a video of Lo demonstrating his underhook pass), all he really needs is his active posting hand to stay “floating” on top. With this “float” established, Lo can posture up and hunt for either the underhook to work his standard pass or the cross collar for the face crank. Had he used a crossface or sleeve control (taking away his posting arm), such an upright posture over the halfguarder would not be possible.

Cross Collar Choke off the Face Crank

Straightforward enough, when the opportunity arises either from a successful pass or while still in half guard, Lo employs this choke to submit his opponent. Once again, active posting prevents the sweep. Sometimes opponents willingly bring their own chin over his cranking forearm to relieve the pressure giving him the choke.

The face crank is another small innovation to Lo’s unique knee slide game and allows his “loose” float based style to turn into a smash/grind in an instant.

Enjoy the video.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T6afZ4dq0U&w=560&h=315]

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  • This blog is excellent. Can we have some more please!!!

  • I was getting guys that came up behind me and threatened my back, but I didn’t keep my knee towards the middle of their body, I was angling it down like I was about to knee cut in a conventional sense. I guess that was the mistake…I’ll work on it with my knee close to their centerline.

  • A big part of Lo’s posting is keeping that knee on the stomach/chest and not committing to the pass until he has the face crank or headpin/underhook locked in

  • I just noticed that the UFC used this song in their most recent promo. Coincidence?

    Happy New Year Scout 🙂

  • wow, well it’s not exactly that niche of a song… thanks for the heads up! Happy new year to you too!

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