Keenan Cornelius Guard Study: The Worm Guard


Be Afraid. BJJ has mutated again.

I’ll keep this short. This is simply so effective that I’m tempted to just conclude that the only way this will be stopped is if the IBJJF bans circling the lapel around a joint (like in Judo).

Keenan only just started playing this at the Pans and showcased it again at the Abu Dhabi World Pro. He was able to stall out Buchecha with this, to the point of a complete shut down once it was locked on. When he got it on against Murilo Santana (Pans) and Braulio Estima (World Pro), the sweep threat was immediate, especially when they weren’t able to use size to overcome the lapel feed/lapel grabbing hand/DLR hook triple team on their combat base. Looks like hell to pass once he locks it on and very risky to even just disengage/flee.

From what I heard, his use of the position has evolved since then and I’m looking forward to seeing how nasty it can get. I think this will be the new guard to terrorize the scene, for better or for worse. Play around with it and do let me know what you find out. New moves or counters. Either way please let us know. Last video till the Worlds, looking forward to it. Enjoy.

Thank you Keenan for the great intro! To learn more about the Worm Guard and his other techniques, go to his website at

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  1. Aaron Lones May 29, 2014 Reply

    Great breakdown. It does kinda make me wish heel hooks were legal…

  2. Bluebarry June 2, 2014 Reply

    I’m gonna start playing with this and see how it goes. Thank you for the vid, it’s great

  3. janumanji June 6, 2014 Reply

    Part of the game… good breakdown.

    first defense?? hahaha

    • Author
      bjjscout June 25, 2014 Reply

      haha i think there is a video of him rolling in a gym in japan, I’m surprised no one tried this counter

  4. Brendan October 12, 2014 Reply

    Good video. I agree with the guy above I also really wish heel hooks were legal.

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