Global Roundup 1

BJJ Scout’s Global Report #1

August 21, 2013

Global Roundup 1

Another Series in Born

So I’ve been thinking about where to take this and ended up making another video … hah.

The support and encouragement from the community has been amazing and I think I would like this channel/website to not only be about me/elite players but also the audience. I see amazing moves being pulled off all the time all over the world and I’m going to start breaking down interesting ones regularly. I’ve always believed that innovation in BJJ takes place in small steps and that it can come from anywhere – kids to seniors, white belt even to black belt. Maybe the exposure will help some up and coming competitor with sponsors. Or maybe just offer some support/encouragement to a kid in a favela somewhere out there chasing their BJJ dreams. At the very least, we might learn something new. I don’t know. I’ll try to make these as regularly as I can, so if you have seen something interesting that you think could go into future videos, please get in touch. Working together can only make this better. The reason BJJ Scout even exists is because of all the great BJJ being created everyday by the community that inspires us all.

Thank you again for your kind messages and support!

Breaking down fighting techniques worldwide.


  1. Will you just be doing gi breakdowns or can we expect some no-gi analysis in the future? Maybe after ADCC and No-Gi Worlds there will be some breaddowns?

    • hey hi! yes I will, it is the no-gi season soon.. I am hoping to do something special for ADCC (I’m REALLY hoping I get to go) but I’m not sure yet

  2. I like this RDLR to X-guard setup by Paulo Miyao on João, around the 1-minute mark:

    • hey thanks for sharing this, that was nice! I want to try get the recent ones though

  3. Love your work. Very cool & very needed. I’ve studied them repeatedly.
    Lookn forward to more. Oss!

    • thank you, I will be making more soon, finally back from some travel

  4. PLease do no gi please u the best!

  5. Hey, firstly a huge thanks for all of your effort in making these videos availale, it’s a great tool for the community. In the description for this global report video i saw you asked for any interesting moves to look at. I know it may be a little egotistical but here’s a triangle i caught a while back, probably my best sub. Set up starts at 4.40 mins of the video

    Many thanks, Luke Chamberlain – youtube – mafiabjj

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