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ADCC Post Mortem – Expectations vs Reality

Aug 31, 20152 Comments

What I learnt: – I’m grateful for wrestling rules – no pushout points, no fleeing penalties and the requirement that you be taken down to


#Jack is here

Dec 31, 2014No Comments

Part 1 of my 2015 Plan is here Happy New Year! I have been tied up the last month working on some projects for the

Garry Tonon vs Zak Maxwell

Metamoris 5 Review

Nov 23, 20143 Comments

Some Quick Thoughts on Tonight’s Card Garry Tonon vs Zak Maxwell (Tonon def. Maxwell via Heelhook) Garry did what Garry does, no surprises. Zak did

BJJ Scout Metamoris Giveaway

Win a BJJ Scout Patch by Rating the Metamoris 5 Matches!

Nov 23, 2014No Comments

10 BJJ Scout Patches Up for Grabs – Rate! What did you think of the matches? Good bad? Rate and let me know!


Interview: Leandro Speaks about his Matches with Keenan, Miyaos, Copa Podio

Nov 22, 2014No Comments

Leandro Finally Speaks to BJJ Scout! I have been thinking about starting a new series/channel where I reach out to competitors to get their thoughts


Metamoris 5/Copa Podio Predictions

Nov 19, 20141 Comment

Some Quick Thoughts on the Matchups this Weekend Phew. Lucky I waited a few days. Now that Kevin Casey is out that’s one less match


Update: Scouting a Scout, Crucifix Instructionals, Metamoris 5 Giveway and Website Updates (warning, long post)

Nov 11, 20142 Comments

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have been thinking a lot about the future of the site/channel and sometimes I tend to get tunnel

Latest Studies

Damian Maia Study Part 1 FINAL

Demian Maia Study Playlist (Updated)

Jul 12, 20162 Comments

I’m back to making vids after a hiatus. Maia has some unique things going on and I’ll write up a bit on my thoughts later.

Dominic Cruz Study (alt music) SHORTER for FACEBOOK

Go here for my “Banned” Cruz Stud...

Feb 06, 20161 Comment

Well that’s just frustrating, the UFC wiped out a whole bunch of my videos off youtube and I even got a strike for one. Really


ADCC Preview : Mis-priced Risk?

Aug 28, 20153 Comments

I know I haven’t been active lately but thought I’d record how interesting this ADCC has been handicapped by betting sites. Grappling unlike MMA is


Metamoris 5 Preview Video – Kazushi Sak...

Nov 17, 20141 Comment

The Masses have Spoken – Saku v Renzo It Is! Old School beat the new school by an overwhelming margin this time and so I

LO v Keenan Study COVER

Match Studies: Leandro Lo vs Keenan Cornelius...

Oct 28, 20141 Comment

Intriguing Rivalry in the Making With so many BJJ stars/potential stars leaving the circuit in the last 2 years and the signals that many more


Dominick Cruz Study Part 1: Footwork, Stances...

Oct 25, 20147 Comments

UPDATE: Back Up Videos on my Dailymotion Channel Here & on my FB Page Here Many are accustomed to the “jab/kick/something shoot for takedown” approach

Tonon bogeyman study shorter

Positional Studies: The Japanese Necktie (w/ ...

Oct 21, 20142 Comments

The Japanese Necktie Looks Pretty Good I personally am not an advocate of move chasing but I do think selectively adopting moves is always a


Rory MacDonald v Tyron Woodley Post Fight Bre...

Jul 02, 20145 Comments

“Let me Bang Bro” vs Scouting Because Rory MacDonald lost his fight to Robbie Lawler fight and Tyron Woodley was on a tear dispatching both

Ronda v Mcmann Thumbnail

Ronda Rousey v Alexis Davis Preview: Takedown...

Jul 02, 20141 Comment

Judo Newaza vs BJJ This Weekend 2 UFC events last weekend and 2 more this coming 4th of July weekend has left me in an


Keenan Cornelius Guard Study: The Worm Guard

May 29, 20148 Comments

Be Afraid. BJJ has mutated again. I’ll keep this short. This is simply so effective that I’m tempted to just conclude that the only way

Keenan v Murilo cover

Match Study: Murilo Santana v Keenan Corneliu...

May 27, 20141 Comment

New Video Series! I haven’t been too keen on video making on individual matches (Lo v Clark was my last one) because I initially started


Murilo Santana Passing Studies: Stack Setup a...

May 22, 201414 Comments

Murilo Santana is an Underrated Passer Like Leandro Lo (before he became the greatest thing since sliced bread), Murilo Santana is another one of BJJ’s

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